We all know there is nothing like real fresh flowers, but considering the world wide flower shortage and inflation, there are several reasons why handmade flowers are a great addition to, or alternative for, your floral design.

Top 3 reasons why


First off, let’s address the elephant in the room. Just because it is not “real” does not mean it is cheap! We all know you can go to the dollar store and get some flowers, and if that floats your boat, I wish you the best in your voyage. The reality is, faux flowers cost more because they last longer than fresh flowers. Longevity is something that can only be given in pictures when it comes to fresh floral. Granted, with faux flowers you don’t get the aroma that comes walking into a room full of fresh roses. What you do get is the ability to repurpose and re-use those flowers for months and years to come with them still looking like your wedding day. Now, there are ways to preserve fresh flowers, but those can be costly and just adds to your initial investment. That being said, have you considered mixing the two? It has the potential to be the best of both worlds. You would get that fresh aroma as you hold your bouquet walking down the aisle, plus you would have some memorable decor for this new chapter of life.


Yes, there is a world wide flower shortage that started with the global lock down in 2020. However, eventually that will level out. What is not going to change is that flowers have seasons. Which makes certain flowers not as accessible during certain times of the year. Florists have many ways of working around this minor natural anomaly in ways you really don’t even notice. However this graceful ability to make flowers magically appear can cost extra. With handmade flowers you can get any type of flower any time of the year. There may be stipulations like keeping away from water, but you can get what you are looking for with the same cost any time of year.

#3 Creativity

You do not have to think outside of the box to be creative. You just have to have a clear idea of what you want, and depending on your budget or time of year. When it comes to flowers, that may be considered “creative.” If your idea is to copy what you see on Instagram or Pinterest with a quarter of the budget in the middle of winter you are going to have to get creative. Really that is why handmade flowers exist. For those Alice in Wonderland fans that believe they can have four foot white roses painted red…or even polka-dot if they want, or for those that believe that their wedding bouquet can last forever or for those that want to make floral arrangement from the literal pages of a comic book. The most simple way I can put it is, handmade flowers are for those who know what they want, go find it and if they do not find it…they do it themselves.